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Learn how to work with your hands, mind and spirit, like our ancestors did. Get empowered!


For some years now we have been joyfully sharing the practical knowledge of building crafts. Mostly in joint ventures and partnerships with individual or collective projects.

With excitement we're announcing the line up for 2024.

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Video & Photo Credit : Sam Gillen

A unique workshop, unique opportunity! Learn how to build a Timber Frame structure from the ground up!
10 days of full hands-on experience where the main focus will be to learn by doing with both hand and power tools. We'll be diving deep into this ancient craft. You will learn how to layout, cut, assemble and raise a beautiful timber structure without screws or nails.


Comprehensive, inspirational & challenging but suitable for all levels of experience.

Are you READY for this Adventure?!

If you like creative learning, woodworking and extraordinary experiences then this workshop is for you!


+ Info here

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